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  • Mexican archaeologists locate wreck of 200-year-old ship
  • Mexico: Roma director Alfonso CuarĂ³n makes plea for domestic workers
  • Costa Rica celebrates first same-sex weddings
  • Haiti football federation head temporarily suspended
  • Coronavirus: Ecuador protests against cuts amid pandemic
  • In pictures: Indigenous nurse on frontline in virus fight
  • Suriname election: Will a convicted murderer be re-elected?
  • Coronavirus: Chile's president says healthcare system 'very close to the limit'
  • Coronavirus outbreak: Caribbean tourism struggles as visitors stay home
  • 'I left my campervan in Argentina'
  • Coronavirus: US suspends travel from Brazil for foreigners
  • Iran oil tanker reaches Venezuela amid US tension
  • Brazil court releases foul-mouthed Bolsonaro video
  • Coronavirus: Brazil's death toll hits 20,000
  • Coronavirus: Is Latin America the next epicentre of the pandemic?

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